Million Dollar Bail for 18 Year old Man « Patriot Bail Bonds

Million Dollar Bail for 18 Year old Man « Patriot Bail Bonds

18-year-old man, Christian Campos, pleaded not guilty to the murder of 24-year-old Daniel Macias.
Campos has denied knowing Macias. Macias was shot while sitting in a car in a south Bakersfield McDonald’s parking lot on April 13th. Campos has also denied being in the area the night of the shooting.

Recently released court documents show that Campos’ phone was in the area of the at the time of the shooting. Also, a witness identified Campos’ vehicle as the shooter’s vehicle.

Law enforcement searched a laptop used by Campos and found messages between Campos and Macias, and learned that they had recently met at the McDonald’s where Macias was shot..

When interviewed Campos’ step-father told detectives that Campos has a “very bad temper,” He also said that to avoid confrontations he rarely speaks to his step-son.

Campos’ sister told investigators that he had called the night of the shooting and asked to stay at her place. Because it had been over a year since Campos had stayed there she thought his request was strange.

Campos is due back in court in July and is being held on a $1 million bond

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