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What is a bail bond?

A bail bond, technically called a “surety bond”, is a contractual undertaking guaranteed by a state licensed bail bailbondsman who is backed by an insurance company. If the defendant fails to appear for their scheduled court appearances, the bail agent guarantees payment of the full amount of the bond to the court. For your protection, always deal with a licensed bail bond company.

What is the cost of a bail bond?

In California, the cost of a bail bond is 10% of the bail. Note that each state sets their rates and the rates are non-negotiable. There are no hidden fees or taxes for a bail bond. For example, if the bail is set at $25,000, then the fee charged is $2,500, no more and no less by law.

What is the procedure for bailing someone out of jail?

Generally, a bail bond company will be contacted by phone to begin the bail procedure. During the initial phone consultation, most companies will ask for information about your situation in order to determine the risk involved in the bond and begin the approval process.
Once the bail bond is approved, the customer will need to sign basic bail bond documents including an application, Indemnity Agreement, and receipt. After the paperwork is finalized and payment has been made, a licensed bondsman will “post” the bail bond at the jail.

What is an indemnitor/cosigner?

An indemnitor or cosigner is the person who agrees to be financially responsible for defendant and the full amount of the bond if the defendant fails to appear in court. An indemnitor is also responsible for all cost incurred for a defendant missing a said court appearance. If there is more than one indemnitor who has signed for the release of a defendant both or more are jointly responsible for all expenses. Which means funds will be collected from both of the indemnitor.

What is collateral?

Collateral is something of value that is used to secure a debt or ensure payment. Sometimes a bail bond company will receive collateral in order to ensure that the defendant appears in court. Most bail bond collateral is in the form of real estate or cash. A bail bond company must return your collateral at the resolution of the case.

Do I always need collateral for a bail bond?

Not with Patriot Bail Bonds. We often negotiate no collateral bail bonds. These are called signature bonds. We find that most of our customers are eligible for a signature bond.

If I use collateral, when do I get it back?

When the defendant’s case has been completed and all financial obligations are satisfied, collateral is returned to the individual who pledged it.

What happens when a person is arrested?

When an individual is arrested, generally, they will be taken to a local law enforcement station for processing and booking. Processing and booking includes fingerprinting, pictures, and nation-wide computer database searches. It can take many hours, but in smaller jails generally happens more quickly. Bail cannot be arranged until the arrest process is complete.

How long does the release process take?

This depends on the city and county in which the defendant is located, but in most cases defendants are released within two to four hours.

If I bail somebody out of jail, what is my responsibility?

When you bail someone out of jail, you are called the bail bond indemnitor. You take full responsibility for the defendant to show up in court when you bail someone out of jail. Most issues with appearance in court are easily resolved and rarely escalate beyond a simple phone call.

What happens if the defendant is bailed out and fails to appear in court?

If the “failure-to-appear” in court was a simple mistake, then the bail bond company or an attorney can usually make arrangements for the defendant to return to court. Courts generally understand that people get sick, traffic or car problems arise and other unforeseen circumstances occur. This is most commonly the situation and is easily remedied.

What happens if the defendant is not bailed out?

If the defendant is not bailed out, he or she will generally remain in custody until the matter has been resolved in court.

Do you offer financing or payment plan options?

  • We do not charge a fee for financing
  • We will work out payments that you can afford
  • We offer no-collateral bail bonds to qualified applicants
  • We accept cosigners

What are your business hours?

We are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, including holidays. We are happy to assist you on any day you are available.

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Testimonials From Some Of Our Satisfied Customers

Recently I had an expedience with Patriots Bail Bond regarding a family member. I have a 28 year background with the law so I thought I fully understood the Bail Bond System. To my surprise I discovered that "Well qualified people" do not have to put up any security. For this reason alone I would recommend Patriots. All the employees from Amanda the owner, and her staff are super friendly. If you need help with bail, I highly recommend Patriots.
Larry O.
As a publicly known ex-con, it's nice to know that I have the BEST Bail Bonds company in the business on my side. These guys are always on call for a warrant check or a bail bond any time I call. Thanks guys for being dedicated and getting the job done!
T.J. Esposito
Saved me in more way than easy and great customer service ..they really have a great heart at patriot 🙂 Amanda and Nicky were a pleasure to work with in my situation.Thanks again PATRIOT BAIL BONDS!
Jennifer David
I have been a criminal defense attorney in Bakersfield for over the past twelve years and have dealt with numerous bail companies throughout Kern County. Without a doubt I have found that Patriot Bail Bonds has the highest level of personal service, integrity and fairness of any bail company that i have had my clients work with. A lot of things can go wrong during the "life" of a case- sometimes the clients would forget their court date, or have some other event interfere with them making it to court. Whenever this happens I have always had a prompt response from Patriots in getting the clients bail status back on track. Other bail companies like to profit from these types of innocent mistakes, but I have never had any issues with Patriots. They are always available to me and my clients and are willing to work with the clients that I send over to them. Whether you know it or not, the bail company holds the keys to your freedom, and if you deal with one that is only looking to make money off of you and not your best interest you can pay a lot of money and still have your bail revoked for very small reasons. I would highly recommend you consider Patriots for anyone looking for a hardworking and fair bail agent.
Mark Raimondo
Many of our clients come to the office after the unfortunate experience of being arrested.Patriot Bail Bonds has made extraordinary efforts to get our clients out of jail and allow them the opportunity to spend time with their family and continue working while slow wheels of justice turn. If our clients ever have a question about their bail or next court appearance, Patriot is always there, no matter how complicated it may be. They work hard to provide an affordable bond with service that you can rely upon, even in the most dire of circumstances. Our clients seem happy with their choice to allow Patriot to post their bail and have always been available to our office whenever questions arise or request have been made.
Brian McLaughlin


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