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Bail Bonds; Robert A. Durst Bail Hearing « Patriot Bail Bonds

On March 8, an HBO documentary revealed new evidence seeming to tie Robert A. Durst to the 2000 killing of his confidante Susan Berman. Not long after, Mr. Durst stopped using his cellphone.

Mr. Durst, who has been charged in Los Angeles with the murder of Ms. Berman and with lesser charges here, to be held in jail in Louisiana without bail

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Prosecutors argued that Mr. Durst was a flight risk, presenting evidence that he was expecting to get over $100,000 in cash and saying that a map of Cuba had been found in his hotel room.

The hearing was to determine whether Mr. Durst, 71, who appeared in court with a shaved head exposing a surgical scar, is a flight risk and a threat to public safety. Since his arrest on March 14, Mr. Durst has been in Louisiana’s custody and is being held at a correctional facility over an hour away from New Orleans, where he was moved after the Orleans Parish sheriff’s office raised concerns about his mental health. What might have appeared as a relatively straightforward proceeding — a lawyer for Mr. Durst said he would not contest any bail ruling — turned into a four-hour demonstration that the Durst case, as sensational as it has already been, is still generous with surprises.


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